Real estate is a classic vehicle for investment and, apart from optimizing revenue flows and diversifying a portfolio, such assets promise a sustainable increase in value. JAC | JUST ANOTHER CONSULTANT is familiar with the complexities of investment in real estate, and knows the risks involved.


Family Offices and institutions, such as foundations, federations and associations, expect top performance in terms of maintaining and increasing the value of assets.
JAC | JUST ANOTHER CONSULTANT specializes in dealing with the complex requirements of managing long-term investments in real property. Aiming to generate long-term wealth, JAC | JUST ANOTHER CONSULTANT invests in selected locations in Berlin.
When money is invested in real estate, it must be handled by skilled professionals with a good national and international network who offer clients and investors the commitment of a co-investor or personal advisor on all the issues surrounding property management.


Owners who wish to place their properties in responsible hands find the ideal solution in JAC | JUST ANOTHER CONSULTANT.