Our managing partner, Matthias Knisig, has a German degree (“Diplom”) in business administration and in 1996 he entered the Sloan Fellows Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston, where he gained his Master of Science in Management.


For many years Matthias Knisig worked for some big, well-known companies, both national and international players, where he was employed in a variety of management positions. He also spent extended periods working abroad, with management responsibilities in Slovakia, the Middle East, North Africa, South America, Asia and the USA.


In the past he has acted a consultant to numerous companies – his remits ranged from improving business operations and cash flow to re-organization. In this capacity he worked very closely with Private Equity companies, often assuming the position of Chief Recovery Officer or Chief Executive Officer. Matthias Knisig relishes any challenge that calls upon him to use his national and international contacts.



  • Membership in foreign committees
    As part of his job Matthias Knisig represents various Supervisory Boards of international start-ups..

  • Consultancy for start-ups
    Matthias Knisig advises start-ups, guides them along the path to independence and assists with business decisions. He also helps people find business angels, seed funding and venture capital.